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Over the last 25 years, the LOINC project has provided a standard classification for health measurements. Most SDTM programmers will encounter “LOINC Code” information in Lab data, but the classification

CDASH to SDTM Mapping Challenges

Learn about the complex processes involved in the CDASH to SDTM mapping procedure with Ed Chappell (Formedix) and Neil Vivian (OmniComm Systems) in this presentation. Industry experts Ed Chappell and Neil


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Any Biostatisticians who would like to have cleaner clinical trial data with less manual effort in less time? 👍
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Coming next month in our new release… ability to compare variables in the same dataset, view user access reports for all (or individual) standards and studies, store and use Rave configuration spreadsheets and much more… Watch this space! 👍
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Data Managers! Want to build your studies faster? Save time by reusing content? 😀 We can help...
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Anyone else going to "Charm City" at the end of next month? 👍
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