How you benefit from being in the cloud

The sky’s the limit with our cloud software for clinical trials!

What's so special about cloud software for clinical trials?

If you’re not using a cloud-based platform, it’s likely you’re using various desktop applications to manage content and data. This creates a rather disjointed and inefficient way of working. It also makes life difficult when you’re working on data across different teams in different locations.

Formedix ryze is cloud software for clinical trials. The platform stores clinical metadata, allowing you to control and reuse content. It also automates design, build and submission processes. So you can build your trial from end-to-end – all on the same platform, in real time, over the internet.

So how can you benefit from cloud software for clinical trials? Here’s a few things to think about…

Pick a cloud

What does it mean to be cloud-based?

Put simply, it means our ryze clinical metadata repository and study automation tools can be accessed online. You can store, manage, and reuse clinical metadata from your browser  – as opposed to using an application that’s been physically downloaded to your computer or network. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can access the platform anytime, anywhere, and from any computer.

Different types of clouds

There are various types of cloud hosting options to suit different needs. Arguably the most common are public cloud hosting and private cloud hosting.  We provide both. You won’t need your own IT department to set up, configure or manage it. We do that for you!

Public cloud hosting

With public cloud hosting  – also known as a multi-tenant environment – your ryze platform would be held on a secure shared server. Software upgrades would happen automatically.

Private cloud hosting

A private cloud hosted platform means your ryze solution would be on a dedicated server – just for your organization. You would have full control over updates. This would suit organizations who need to do their own internal release testing before implementation. It would also suit organizations with greater security and compliance demands.

What you'll love about our cloud software for clinical trials

No data silos – just connected data
You can effortlessly work across different systems – our plug-ins and APIs let you share data across internal, EDC and e-clinical systems.

No costly hardware & software maintenance
It’s zero footprint. No hardware to maintain or software applications to upgrade. It’s all automatic. We handle version updates too, so you get shiny new validated releases without lifting a finger. That way you’re always using the best possible version of the platform.

Your data is safe
Your metadata is hosted on a secure server. We closely monitor its continued protection.

Reach it anytime, anywhere
Because it’s hosted online, you and your teams can use the platform at any time, from any location – you just need the internet.

No human silos – just greater productivity
No more data hoarding or not working collaboratively. You and your teams can work together more efficiently and be more productive. You can also increase compliance because you easily share and control data across departments – even continents!

No separate desktop applications
Go to 1 online place for all your data – a ‘single source of truth’ if you like.

All clued up on the cloud?

Click below to find out about our cloud-based clinical metadata repository and study automation platform.

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Automatically sync with ryze

Want to know more about integrating ryze with your EDC and clinical data management systems? It means you can automatically work across different systems right from ryze. Click to find out more!