Design CRFs faster in multiple EDCs - then automatically build your study

Design study CRFs in a range of EDCs. Even mix ‘n match between study phases.


Do study CRF designs for any EDC in ryze

Choose just about any EDC system to design and build your CRF clinical trial. ryze integrates with all the leading ones. Want to know what forms will look like in your EDC? ryze shows your study CRF designs in Rave, InForm and 5 other leading EDCs – as you design them. Just click a button and our eCRF software tool does the rest! That way you can make any changes before building your study. Then export your designs into any of these systems to build your EDC study.

You can even import an entire study or library from Rave or InForm into ryze. We integrate 100% with these EDCs, so it’s just 1 click to import your data. Use ryze to make any changes and preview your designs. Then when you’re ready, export your design back into your EDC. Imagine how much time you could save. And how much quicker you could design eCRFs for clinical trials. You can see the process of how to build your EDC from standards in ryze.

If you’re a CRO, the extra pay off is you only need to learn one system with ryze. Without it, you may need to know how different EDC systems work. Including all their validation rules. That’s very time consuming and costly for your organization. But once you know ryze, and you can design and build eCRFs in any of the leading EDCs, right from our platform.


What can I do with ryze?

Why do study CRF designs with ryze?

Get started super-fast

If it normally takes 20 weeks to build your EDC, it can take as little as 4 with ryze. Big bonus if you’re running lots of trials.

See eCRF designs

See what study CRF designs look like in your EDC system – before the EDC has even been built! See designs at the push of a button with our ecrf tool and visualization plug-ins.

CROs learn 1 system & use 7

Once you’re using ryze, you can design and build client studies in any of the top EDCs. No longer spend time and resources learning different systems. At the click of a button simply preview client forms, and build eCRFs. Job done.

Effortless validation

ryze validates against the rules for your relevant EDC system – even if you’re using different EDCs for study phases. No need to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Cherry-pick your EDC - avoid getting tied in

Choose your preferred EDC for your study. Even use a different one for each study phase. We integrate with 7 systems, including Rave, InForm and TrialMaster. This gives you huge flexibility – you’re not committed to using a specific EDC system. Mix it up, however you want.

Build your EDC in 1 click

Happy with your eCRF design? Now it’s 1 click to build for your EDC study. ryze automates the build process, saving tons of time, so you can start your trials much sooner.

Get clinical study builds faster

Export your study from ryze into any of the leading EDC systems. And if you’re using Rave or InForm, you can import files from there straight into ryze. Another benefit of our direct plug in with these 2 systems. You save so much time building to your EDC, that it takes less time to build your study.


instead of 1,484 EDC labor hours


instead of 486 SDTM labor hours


weeks instead of 20 for EDC go-live


weeks instead of 8 to see SDTM data

How to build studies from standards


You can quickly and easily build a study from a set of standards. First, create and approve your organizational standards in line with your internal processes.

Select your forms and related datasets from your standards. All related metadata, such as edit checks and mappings, is brought in automatically with your standards. Add any relevant protocol information – such as the visit schedule, custom edit checks, or custom mappings.

Then use our eCRF tool to see what your study CRFs look like in your chosen EDC. For example, Medidata eCRFs.

Once you’re done, do validation checks to make sure your study doesn’t have any errors or missing metadata.

You can export your CRF into your chosen EDC system, confident that it will work. You can also create your source Define.xml and ensure that it meets the various regulatory requirements to help you achieve hassle free submission. SDTM mappings are part of the study design, so you can generate initial downstream datasets. That means you don’t need to program the data conversion for your study!

CROs can be hands on or off with clients

ryze lets CROs work with clients in different ways. You can manage the whole trial building process from design to submission. Or, just help with specific elements if that’s what the client wants. You can be flexible in other ways too. Let clients only see study designs. Or let them work with you and create new content. See more here about how we make building studies easier for CROs.

Pharmas & biotechs can work in-house or outsource

Whether you’re doing it yourself, or outsourcing to a CRO, ryze accommodates how you want to work. 

CRO designs, builds & converts to SDTM

Share your standards library with CRO

CRO designs your study based on standards

CRO builds your EDC and converts to SDTM

You design, CRO builds study

You design a study using library & new content

CRO builds your EDC and converts to SDTM

You design, build & convert to SDTM

You design a study using library & new content

You build EDC and convert datasets to SDTM with ryze

Preview study CRF designs in your EDC

CRFs are used to collect data from patients during clinical trials. CRF design has a direct impact on the success of clinical trial data as it helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the medical product being trialled.

A well designed CRF assists with data analysis and reporting, data management and streamlined audits. They ensure that all required data is collected, and this minimizes data queries. Poorly designed study CRFs result in wasted time and resources with deadlines being missed.

ryze understands the importance of study eCRF systems design. As a result, it has been and continues to be a major focus for us. We have worked hard to refine and optimize the form design process. A key feature is the ability to see exactly how your forms will look in your chosen EDC system – precisely at design time. So you can make any necessary changes as you go. You know exactly what you’re going to get. And, you can rest assured that importing your EDC build will be straightforward. With ryze, you’re in control!

How to optimize CRFs for study design and build

7 problems commonly found with CRFs and how to solve them.

Why we're different

It takes a fraction of the time to set up your study in ryze compared with other systems. Your typical 21 week study takes on average just 14 weeks. And the sooner you start your trials, the sooner you can get products to market (= faster ROI).

No other platform automatically builds your study in just about any EDC system – 7 to date – saving loads of time. Use your favourite, or even different EDCs for different studies.

Only we integrate 100% with Rave and InForm. As a result, you get to see what study CRF designs look like before even building your EDC database. The same applies for complex edit checks and visit structures too.

Unlike others, we keep pace with version changes in CDISC standards, so you’ll always be compliant.

Unlike others, you can truly reuse content and save time. No need to retype spreadsheet content for example. Simply reuse content from 1 study to another, and even across multiple EDC systems.

Ours is the only fully integrated clinical metadata repository out there. There’s other clinical metadata repository’s, but they’re like disconnected libraries. We’ve put everything in 1 place, where your content is truly interconnected.

We’re the only commercially available off-the-shelf clinical metadata repository. Straight out the box and off you go – we don’t have to custom build it for you from scratch.

Some companies don’t improve or expand their platform. We do, constantly. We’re always working on new stuff, and it’s based on your feedback.


Build CRF designs faster, in many different EDC systems

Some of the organizations using Formedix



EDC build made easy

You can easily manage your library content in ryze. You can quickly and easily import metadata content into your study from other standards or studies.

You can save a huge amount of time and effort by reusing your metadata assets such as your forms, annotations, edit checks and terminologies which have already been standardized. You can easily and quickly move content from one location to another, and you can decide what granularity of content to import. There’s no limit to the number of libraries you can import from! As a result, your metadata content is consistent and correct and you are less likely to gather the wrong data.

We support integration with a number of different EDCs. At the click of a button you can enable plugins that allow you to see what your forms will look like in your chosen EDC. You can carry out CDISC validation checks and have complete confidence that when you import your study into your chosen EDC, it will be seamless! Learn more about how to automate clinical study build here >>

Edit checking is a critical task during the CRF clinical trial process that verifies data entry by providing real time feedback at the point when data is entered onto a study CRF. Checks are based on previously decided rules and make sure that data entered is valid, logical and correct, ensuring that the data captured is of the highest quality. Edit checks take a lot of time and resources to create, therefore it makes sense to reuse them where possible.

Not only can you validate against the CDISC ODM standard, you can also validate your EDC build, against the relevant rules for your EDC system. You can run a report which you can save or print out, or simply run our validation tool which displays error, warning and information messages. This means you can quickly and easily fix any problems as you know exactly where to look in your study.


How to overcome the challenges of using multi EDCs for clinical trials

Find out how you can overcome the challenges commonly faced with deciding which EDC is a ‘best fit’

Building your EDC in ryze

building your edc

Metadata repository & study automation tools


What is CRF design in clinical trials?

Case report forms (CRFs) are data acquisition forms and their design is based on the protocol. They are used to collect patient data in a clinical trial.

What is eCRF design in clinical trials?

Electronic case report forms (eCRFs) are the same as CRFs except they are designed on a computer. The names “CRF”, “eCRF” and “forms” are used interchangeably.

What are the benefits of good CRF design and eCRF design?

They increase compliance and increase data quality. There is also better communication. That means less time is needed for data management which results in lower costs.

Why should you standardize your study CRFs?

So that you gather complete and accurate data. They should be well structured, uncluttered, easy to read, and understand. By standardizing study CRFs, your data will be consistent and of a high quality. And you can reuse them. They should address the needs of all key stakeholders such as data entry personnel, the investigator and medical coder.

Is it easy to build eCRFs in ryze?

Yes. Our eCRF tool lets you build eCRFs from scratch, or you can reuse standardized eCRFs. If building from scratch, simply create your form and add sections. Then, add your questions and annotations to it. If you’re reusing a standardized eCRF, you can edit it appropriately. Then in both cases, use our eCRF tool to see what your form will look like in your chosen EDC. Do validation checks and fix any errors. Now, all you need to do is export your eCRF into your EDC.

Can you do eCRF design in Medidata Rave using ryze?

Yes. You can design your Medidata Rave forms in ryze and visualize how they will look in Medidata Rave. When you are happy with your forms, you can build your Rave EDC at the click of a button.

Start saving time with ryze

Design, build and manage your metadata. All in 1 place.