SDTM Webinar together with OmniComm

Webinar Recording:

The Journey to SDTM and Beyond...

Formedix teamed with Technology Partners OmniComm Systems to host this webinar focussing on the journey from CDASH to SDTM and beyond.

Experts Ed Chappell of Formedix and Neil Vivian of OmniComm delve into the key processes in the CDASH to SDTM mapping procedure.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of standardization of eCRFs and datasets
  • Creating forms, edit checks and workflow programming to design and build TrialMaster
  • Utilizing and re-using standardized trial components in TrialMaster
  • Using TrialMaster to map from CDASH to SDTM
  • Beyond SDTM: Establishing libraries of SDTM designs and mappings for reuse, source to target traceability reporting, generation of ETL code, and advanced metadata validation

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