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Utilizing CDISC to Drive Efficiencies with OpenClinica

This presentation discusses real life-experiences of using CDISC Database Standards (Operational Data Model) to drive efficiencies in study setup and study build.


Discover Define-XML: Practical Uses End-to-end Today

Formedix CEO Mark Wheeldon's presentation from the 2013 Bay Area User Group, which looks at practical uses of Define-XML in the end-to-end clinical trial process.


Define-XML Tools - David Borbas

Presentation by David Borbas, Jazz Pharmaceuticals discussing Define-XML at our executive breakfast as sponsors of the Bay Area User Group.


CDISC Strategy 2013-2015  - Rebecca Kush

CDISC President Rebecca Kush presented at our executive breakfast prior to the Bay Area User Group, discussing CDISC's strategy from 2013 - 2015.


End-to-End Standards Enable Clinical Trial Efficiencies

Presentation from Formedix-hosted Bay Area Executive Breakfast, discussing standards to enable efficiencies throughout the end-to-end clinical trial process.


Achieving the 'iTunes' of Clinical Trials

This presentation from CDISC Europe Interchange 2013 explains how an ‘iTunes-style’ metadata repository can be established using CDISC standardized content, in a CDISC vendor-neutral model.


Using CDISC to Optimize End-to-End Trial Process

Presentation from the 2012 DIA Clinical Data Quality Summit, discussing end-to-end clinical trial automation and CDISC models being adopted from study setup to submission.


Saving Time and Money in the Clinical Trial Process

CEO Mark Wheeldon's presentation from DIA EuroMeeting, March 2012, on how CDISC models can be adopted throughout the end-to-end clinical trial process.


An Efficient and Optimized End-to-End Process Starts with CDISC

Formedix CEO Mark Wheeldon presented at ESUG Meeting, November 2012, discussing how the end-to-end clinical trial process can be made more efficient using CDISC standards.