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Verifying Study Deliverables

Formedix On provides various ways to verify aspects of your studies, including compliance to CDISC standards, organizational standards or study specifications. This gives you confidence that your designs are correct and your partners are correctly implementing your specifications.

Download these examples showing various compliance reports.


Generating Define-XML and PDF

Formedix On provides many different ways to work with CDISC Define-XML and to define datasets in general, including SDTM, ADaM and SEND.

Download this set of example files showing Define-XML, PDF and HTML generated by Formedix On.


Cost-Effective adoption of SDTM Standards

At the OmniComm Symposium 2015 Ed Chappell discussed the cost-effective adoption of the SDTM standard throughout the end-to-end clinical trial process in this presentation.


PhUSE London 2014: Discover Define-XML

Formedix CEO Mark Wheeldon delivered this in-depth Define-XML presentation at PhUSE 2014 in London. You'll learn about Define-XML's varied uses beyond dataset description.


PharmaSUG 2014: Discover Define-XML

Mark Wheeldon explores the many and varied uses of Define-XML in this presentation from the PharmaSUG Annual Conference 2014 in San Diego.


Discover Define-XML: PharmaSUG 2014

Based on a recent poll, 71 percent of CDISC users have implemented Define-XML. This white paper explores alternative uses of Define-XML, from study set-up to production of CDISC Study Data.


Using CDISC to Optimize New and Legacy Studies

Watch our recent learning webinar as Mark Wheeldon and Kevin Burges discuss optimizing both new and legacy studies using CDISC standards.


ACDM 2014: Using  CDISC to Optimize New and Legacy Studies

Formedix CEO Mark Wheeldon shares his presentation from ACDM Annual Conference 2014, as he discusses optimizing new and legacy studies using CDISC.


CDISC: A 10-Year Journey of Innovation

Formedix CEO Mark Wheeldon’s presentation from CDISC International Interchange 2013 discusses his 10-Year Journey of Innovation using CDISC standards.


Define 2.0 - What's New?

This white paper shows, at-a-glance, the new features and improvements in the latest version of this CDISC standard and its day-to-day use.