Cost-effective Adoption of SDTM

OmniComm Symposium 2015

Download the slides from Formedix Consultancy Team Lead Ed Chappell's presentation at OmniComm's June 2015 Symposium in Paris.

Learn from Ed as he discusses the cost-effective adoption of the SDTM standard throughout the end-to-end clinical trial process.

Ed's presentation covers:

  • The importance of standardization for eCRFs and datasets

  • Using a short list of EDC vendors, allowing edit check and workflow programming to be captured into the eCRF collection

  • Simulation of the eCRF/EDC dataset extracts and its importance for SDTM generation

  • Managing the SDTM creation process with multiple EDC vendors

  • Machine-readable data mapping specification reports to expedite eCRF annotation and improved data traceability reporting

  • SDTM to ADaM mapping, traceability reporting and standardized ETL code.

Download now to find out more about this under-utilized CDISC standard.


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