Presentation: Discover Define-XML

PhUSE London 2014

Alternative uses for Define-XML: from setup to submission

At PhUSE Annual Conference 2014 in London, Formedix CEO Mark Wheeldon led this presentation looking at the various uses of Define-XML throughout the entire end-to-end clinical trial process. It is commonly believed that Define-XML is solely used to document what datasets look like, but to using it only for this purpose does not do it justice. Progressive uses of Define-XML deploy it throughout the trial process; from using it to establish libraries and templates, to automated validation of study designs during the conduct and analysis phase.

What are the learning points?

  • What is Define-XML?
  • How can I produce Define?
  • Storing dataset libraries with Define
  • What are the differences between Define-XML 1.0 and Define-XML 2.0?

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