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There’s lots of reasons!

You might have a business problem you want to solve…

Maybe you’ve looked through our website and there’s something specific you want to find out more about.

Or you might think our clinical trial automation software looks interesting, but you’re not sure if it will fit your organization’s needs.

And the list goes on…


How can we help?

Some of the things you might be interested in hearing more about could be:

All you need to do is request a call back and find out how Formedix can help you. We’re keen to hear all about you, and what your organization wants to achieve.

You can always request a no obligation demo if that suits you better. That way, you get to see what our study automation platform can do.


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We know you’re busy. There’s probably no one in this industry that isn’t! And there’s lots of priorities to take care of that mean you don’t have much time.

Don’t worry, we can fit around you. Let us know when the best date and time for you is, and we’ll give you a call then.


Getting the best from your call

Give us as much information on the form as you can. Then we can prepare for your call better! We’ll be able to cut to the chase and focus on what you really want to talk to us about.

The more we can learn about you and how you work, the better we can help.

You might want to get others involved. And that’s fine, you can get as many colleagues as you want round the table for the call.


We’d love to hear from you so don’t delay – complete the form now and let’s talk!


Sales & Marketing inquiries

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