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Formedix On Platform Updates: Dec 2018

20 December 2018
by Lesley Gordon About The Author

It's nearly Christmas and from all of us at Formedix, we wish you a very merry one and a happy new year!

Our present to you in our December release is the fully formed Oracle InForm service as well as our continued work to add clarity and make usability improvements.

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Formedix On Platform Updates: Sept 2018

25 September 2018
by Lesley Gordon About The Author

We bring to you the latest Formedix On platform release that provides greater usability through user experience improvements, such as seamless viewing of differences between versions of an asset, viewing assets that have been added or updated in a version of a study or standard and usability improvements for viewing and downloading visualizations and exports.  

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Formedix On Platform Updates: June 2018

18 June 2018
by Lesley Gordon About The Author

The June 2018 update brings some huge improvements to our clinical trial automation platform, Formedix On, giving users complete flexibility and control of their governance processes and change management. In addition, the release history of our products is available as well as various usability improvements.

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Formedix On Platform Updates: February 2018

5 March 2018
by Fiona Hartley About The Author

In late February 2018, we added new functionality our clinical trial automation platform, Formedix On, to further enhance our users' experience. Improved search functionality for trial assets, a new read-only subscription to view your metadata repository, and improved usability for editing objects such as questions on case report forms (CRFs), are among the highlights of the release.

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Tracking the evolution of CDISC SDTM

21 February 2014
by Ed Chappell About The Author

While sitting in Reykjavik airport recently, I found myself pondering the growth of the SDTM general observation classes over the years. At Formedix, we create machine readable templates for each version of the SDTM standard, which, over time, has provided a series of snapshots of the SDTM standard. Being unable to understand Icelandic television, I decided to extract some basic statistics from the SDTM templates and analyze exactly how they had changed from version to version. The results are rather surprising...

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Rave? OpenClinica? Migrating studies between EDCs isn't so tough...

18 December 2013
by Greg Blincow About The Author

Have you ever found yourself looking for a simple way to transfer your study metadata to an EDC system? This can prove tricky as different EDC systems utilize different import mechanisms, and use a variety of formats, as well as having their own proprietary metadata. To combat this issue, we have created a suite of ‘Transform for EDC’ products which work in conjunction with our data acquisition design tool.

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'CRO industry revenue expected to double'...will you be part of it?

21 November 2013
by Fiona Hartley About The Author

We all know that the end-to-end clinical trial process is becoming more complex and more heavily regulated, week on week, by authorities such as the FDA. We regularly learn of customers and industry professionals who are outsourcing to Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to undertake their studies, and it is becoming increasingly more popular - around 40% of drug development is currently outsourced.

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The word on the street is CDISC...

19 November 2013
by Fiona Hartley About The Author

There has been a major buzz around CDISC these past few weeks and we have been shouting about it as much as anyone!

As a true CDISC expert and standards advocate since 2000, CEO, Mark Wheeldon was invited to speak at the New Jersey CDISC User Group, held in September at Merck in Summit. Mark was discussing all things CDASH, how the standard works with multi-EDC vendors and how it can be implemented throughout the end-to-end clinical trial process.

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4 Compelling Reasons to Take the CDISC Journey.

13 November 2013
by Mark Wheeldon About The Author

For many years companies have adopted CDISC, in the belief that the only reason to do so was due to an impending regulatory requirement. Regulation has aided the adoption of CDISC standards, but in many cases, we’ve found that this has fueled the legacy to SDTM conversion market and many sponsors have been left wondering where the long term benefit of standardization really lies.

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