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The role of the hashtag in #clinicaltrials

4 June 2015
by Fiona Hartley About The Author

To those less than au fait with the ins and outs of Twitter, hashtags can appear something of a mystery. Us social media-enlightened “millennials” (I say that in quotes because who really wants to use a marketing term to describe themselves?) can deploy them artfully and without hesitation, but a quick browse of some life sciences Twitter feeds shows that there remains a lot to be learned by some marketers - even in technology firms who should really be more up to speed in such dealings. No, I will not name names, thank you very much.

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Tracking the evolution of CDISC SDTM

21 February 2014
by Ed Chappell About The Author

While sitting in Reykjavik airport recently, I found myself pondering the growth of the SDTM general observation classes over the years. At Formedix, we create machine readable templates for each version of the SDTM standard, which, over time, has provided a series of snapshots of the SDTM standard. Being unable to understand Icelandic television, I decided to extract some basic statistics from the SDTM templates and analyze exactly how they had changed from version to version. The results are rather surprising...

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Social Media: Just for the ‘Cooler Kids’ than us in Pharma and Life Sciences?

5 December 2013
by Fiona Hartley About The Author

Are you unconvinced by all things social media? Lots of people that I know say point blank that they ‘don’t do social media.’ Others have one preferred network of choice and avoid all others. In the pharma industry, it’s controversial to say the least and there are varying opinions and with differing strength of feeling on the topic.

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Christmas Time with the Formedix Team

2 December 2013
by Fiona Hartley About The Author

Name: Jason Chan

Job Title: Solutions Consultant

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