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A Unique Proposition for the Outsourcing Market

Posted by Fiona Hartley on Jul 13, 2016 2:40:05 PM

What makes our offering for Contract Research Organizations (CROs) so unique? CEO Mark Wheeldon shares his thoughts on the growth of the outsourcing pharma market and the exciting developments at Formedix to support the increasing demand. Read the full interview, published in The Clinical Oncologist Daily, below.

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15 Changes in Clinical Trials Since 2000: Part 3

Posted by Fiona Hartley on Mar 25, 2015 12:47:42 PM

We’re celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Formedix this year. It got us thinking about how the clinical trials world has changed since we've been around: sometimes it feels like little has changed in 15 years, but often it feels like the pace of change is unsustainable. This is the last in our three-part series - part one is here, and part two is here. Read on for the final installment of our top 15 things that have changed in clinical trials since 2000.

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Our Clinical Trial Predictions For 2015

Posted by Fiona Hartley on Dec 18, 2014 4:38:44 PM

At this time of year, the Formedix office is abuzz with planning for 2015. In an industry as dynamic as clinical trials, it can be difficult enough simply staying on top of the latest developments, never mind predicting the future. We asked our Formedix experts to do just that though, and we present to you their thoughts on where clinical trials are going in 2015.

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Meet the five innovators who are changing the clinical trials landscape

Posted by Fiona Hartley on Aug 4, 2014 4:11:32 PM

The clinical trials industry is, safe to say, a conservative one. Social media uptake has been painfully slow, trials are still conducted on paper, and we spend countless hours at conferences and in face-to-face meetings. But the field of clinical trials is also where some of the most innovative, forward-thinking experts in Life Sciences work. There are many people out there changing trials for the better, and the publication of this year’s PharmaVOICE 100 has brought some of those innovators to our attention. Read on to meet our pick of the five most inspiring and influential pharma figures.

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Outsourcing will change the way organizations think about data, says Formedix CEO - video

Posted by Fiona Hartley on Jul 30, 2014 9:21:30 AM

Speaking at DIA 2014 in San Diego, our CEO Mark Wheeldon told PharmaVOICE editor Taren Grom that the FDA's acceptance of CDISC standards will change the way organizations think about data. He also discussed the increasing role of outsourcing to CROs and Formedix On, the online platform that will allow users to buy discrete, independent services.

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Making Life as a CRO Simpler

Posted by Darren Bill on Apr 2, 2014 3:39:00 PM

Ever feel like your sponsors’ requests are never ending? Are you restricted by the EDC system(s) you work with? Do you long to design studies in one tool and build out to multiple systems more easily? You’re not alone!

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Transform for OpenClinica - all you need to know!

Posted by Greg Blincow on Jan 9, 2014 3:53:29 PM

At the end of last year I wrote a blog post which looked at maintaining standard metadata libraries and transferring this metadata to various EDC systems through our suite of Transform for EDC products . The latest release in this suite is Transform for OpenClinica and I thought I would provide a little insight into the development of this product.

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Rave? OpenClinica? Migrating studies between EDCs isn't so tough...

Posted by Greg Blincow on Dec 18, 2013 12:03:42 PM

Have you ever found yourself looking for a simple way to transfer your study metadata to an EDC system? This can prove tricky as different EDC systems utilize different import mechanisms, and use a variety of formats, as well as having their own proprietary metadata. To combat this issue, we have created a suite of ‘Transform for EDC’ products which work in conjunction with our data acquisition design tool.

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'CRO industry revenue expected to double'...will you be part of it?

Posted by Fiona Hartley on Nov 21, 2013 10:44:50 AM

We all know that the end-to-end clinical trial process is becoming more complex and more heavily regulated, week on week, by authorities such as the FDA. We regularly learn of customers and industry professionals who are outsourcing to Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to undertake their studies, and it is becoming increasingly more popular - around 40% of drug development is currently outsourced.

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