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9 SDTM Mapping Scenarios to Master

2 October 2015
by Ed Chappell About The Author

One of the most puzzling programming problems involves SDTM mapping: mapping datasets from a non-CDISC structure to CDISC SDTM structure.

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Optimizing an End-to-End Clinical Trial in 3 Steps

26 August 2015
by Fiona Hartley About The Author

Paris in the summer: a city brimming with life, stunning architecture… and scintillating CDISC discussion. In June, our Consultancy Team Lead Ed flew to the City of Light to meet our technology partners OmniComm and participate in their Collaborative Clinical Insights Symposium. With the focus on achieving operational efficiencies in clinical trials, Ed’s talk focussed on the cost-effective implementation of the Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) standard. We sat down with Ed to discuss the standard, and teased out of him three essential steps for optimizing an end-to-end clinical trial.

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How to Plan for Controlled Terminology

15 October 2013
by Ed Chappell About The Author

Last week, Mark blogged about the increasing wave of external standards coming our way from NCI, CDISC, TransCelerate and more. So, with these new standards, there obviously comes a need to harmonize data processes and map these to CDISC SDTM in a consistent way. Companies are wondering about the best ways to achieve this consistency and standards management for Controlled Terminology, in particular.

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