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Formedix On Platform Updates: Sept 2018

25 September 2018

We bring to you the latest Formedix On platform release that provides greater usability through user experience improvements, such as seamless viewing of differences between versions of an asset, viewing assets that have been added or updated in a version of a study or standard and usability improvements for viewing and downloading visualizations and exports.  

Find out what these updates mean for you and how you can run time efficient trials more effortlessly.

Asset change history

Enhanced asset history allowing you to see more detail about the change history of assets.

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Version labels

User defined version labels allow you to create your own searchable label for a version of a study or standard.

Access asset versions

Ability to jump to a different version of an asset making it quick and easy to look through different versions of an asset.

New Oracle InForm service

New Convert Oracle InForm to Formedix On (beta) service.

New Excel to Define-XML 2.0 service

New Convert Excel to Define-XML 2.0 service.

Designer improvements

Rapid save of asset groups in Data Acquisition Designer and Dataset Designer resulting in a dramatic reduction in save time.


We’ll continue to update you on new releases and enhancements via The Formedix Clinic Blog. For more information on Formedix On, please contact us.


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