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Formedix On Platform Updates: February 2018

5 March 2018

In late February 2018, we added new functionality our clinical trial automation platform, Formedix On, to further enhance our users' experience. Improved search functionality for trial assets, a new read-only subscription to view your metadata repository, and improved usability for editing objects such as questions on case report forms (CRFs), are among the highlights of the release.

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Improved UI for finding an asset

We've made it possible to search for trial assets in a number of new ways, such as searching for forms that contain a specific question or searching for a particular NCI terminology by NCI code. 

New Repository Admin system permission

The ability to administer your metadata repository is no longer tied in with the ability to administer your company. We've separated these permissions to allow a user to administer the repository without providing Company Admin permissions.

Support for "Reader" users

We've added a new "Reader" subscription to allow users to view your repository without requiring full author access. Allow a larger group of users in your company to have access to the repository, or provide low cost access to your partners with read-only access.

Improved UI for editing nested custom attributes

A new grid-based view has been added for editing nested custom attributes. This reduces the amount of clicking required to design your metadata, for example creating study event matrices for use in Medidata Rave.

Enhanced metadata importing

Linked edit checks can be automatically imported during metadata import.

Rapid subsetting of terminologies

Usability improvements allow the deletion of multiple code list items or enumerated lists in one operation.

Improved UI for editing objects

Usability improvements allow the rapid re-ordering of objects, such as questions on a form. It also remembers column widths and sorting.

Improved variables view

Display comment description rather than OID in the variables tables.


We'll continue to update you on new releases and functionality enhancements via The Formedix Clinic Blog. For more information on Formedix On, or to have you product update questions answered, please contact us.


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